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WorkFlow ICT

WorkFlow ICT assessed and identified that a growing number of private companies and public institutions in Ireland is adopting the continuous use of Microsoft® SharePoint®. However, they struggle to find professionals with a skill set matching this trend. As a solution, WorkFlow ICT is pledging to provide in Ireland in 2017, FREE training, qualification and motivation to 24 students and experienced professionals to migrate knowledge to Microsoft® SharePoint®. WorkFlow ICT will fund advertisement in social networks and provide the trainer and space in the heart of Dublin City Centre and benefit from associating their brand with the fresh set of professionals in the market.

Last update: 16/05/2018
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Pledge Category

Digital skills for ICT professionals
Digital skills for labour force

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/01/2017
End date: 31/12/2017

Other Pledge details

Public Funding:

WorkFlow ICT

WorkFlow ICT provides work permit consultancy and application for the qualified IT professional, startup funding and steering for the graduate student and company opening and administration for the freelancer. Their mission is to continue preparing branded diligent professionals for the demanding work market in Ireland by providing them with the right information, improving their communication skills and adapting them to technological trends.

Qualitative Impact

People attending the classes learn how to plan, build and configure SharePoint® Farms, understand the concepts behind its object model, the hierarchy of components and implementation of custom solutions.

The classes are intended for Windows® systems administrators, developers, business analysts, project managers, graphic designers and service desk professionals willing to upskill.

The course modules are improved upon our own proprietary programme, already used as part of project implementations since 2010. We evaluate attendees based on the product websites they create following the proposed exercises. We set online discussion groups for additional support. A branded course certificate for each of the modules is provided electronically in a pen-drive given at the end of the course.

Upon successful completion, we bridge job applications with our clients and for internal projects we have. We also offer support to students and freelancers willing to start-up their IT companies so they can contract into the very demanded Microsoft® SharePoint® market in Ireland.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained face to face/workers Professionals who will benefit for free from the programme 24 217

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress


Milestone name Completion date Status
Full course programme 1st run 30/04/2017 Completed
Full course programme 2nd run 30/09/2017 Completed
Full course programme 3rd run 31/12/2017 Completed

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