Microsoft will increase access to computer science education and digital skills training for 5 million youth across 28 EU member states in the next 2 years. This will be accomplished through a holistic approach that directly empowers both educators and youth. Furthermore, we are refocusing our non-profit-led training efforts in 21 EU member states by aiming to reach at least 50% girls.

Specifically, trainings will be provided through the following initiatives:

  • YouthSpark Grants: training grants for local schools, businesses, and community organisations which provide young people with opportunities to learn digital skills and computer science.
  • Hour of Code Campaign:initiative to introduce students to one hour of computer science and computer programming featuring Microsoft’s new advanced Hour of Code Minecraft tutorial, Skype in the Classroom, Kodu competitions and other innovative technology experiences designed to show that anyone can learn the basics of computer science and open their life up to new creative possibilities.
  • The Microsoft Innovative Educator Network: designed to build capacity for teachers to use technology and computer science in the classroom who in turn share their technology skills with their students
  • The Microsoft Imagine Academy provides a STEM education solution, giving youth a path to understand Computer Science by providing industry recognised certifications.
Last update: 12/11/2019
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Pledge Category

Digital skills in education
Digital skills for labour force
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/07/2016
End date: 30/06/2018

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: NO


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company which aims to tackle job creation to help fight unemployment; fuel innovation; improve transparency, productivity and efficiency for local businesses and government and contribute to building an inclusive society.

Qualitative Impact

• To ensure capacity building for teachers to embrace digital skills in order to help guide the way for youth by introducing computer science skills from an early stage as foundational to educational practice.Teachers are trained in how to use computer science across academic disciplines, how to master O365, OneNote and SWAY specifically and further development of 21st century skills. The latter being a very thorough 20 hour curriculum, developed by Irish university professors.

• To make digital and STEM education and role models a priority for youth, namely girls. With this in mind we have launched creative new digital initiatives for educators to engage youth such as Minecraft Hour of Code, Make Code, the Imagine Academy, Microsoft STEM schools and redirected the focus of our YouthSpark grants in order to target at least 50% girls and young women.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
Students trained online and face-to-face Youth across Europe will be targeted through access to computer science education opportunities across the EU 28 member states 5,000,000 3,940,000
Teachers trained online and face to face Teachers trained both online and face to face through the Microsoft Innovative Educator Network in two years 160,000 120,000

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

Through the Hour of Code Campaign in December 2016, Microsoft reached 45,000 youth through coding workshops, new training resources such as Minecraft for Education and digital skills.

In the first year, July 2016-July 2017 we reached and trained over 80,000 teachers across the EU through the Microsoft Innovative Educator Network this has reached 1.6 million youth with 21st century technology skills.


Milestone name Completion date Status
Reach and train 160,000 teachers across the EU through the Microsoft Innovative Educator Network this will reach 3.2 million youth with 21st century technology skills. 31/07/2018 On Track
Reach 80,000 youth, through the Hour of Code Campaign, through coding workshops, new training resources such as Minecraft for Education and digital skills. 31/12/2017 On Track
Reach and train 700,000 youth, across the EU, from July 2016 until July 2017, through Microsoft YouthSpark Grants. At least 50% of those will be female 30/06/2017 N/A

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