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Instituto Politécnico de Santarém

The #Picking Winners (Course ecosystem - job training, digital literacy and Labour Mediation) project will develop the necessary networking activities, resources and materials in order to address the needs of VET students with disabilities. In particular, we address those who have severe difficulties in entering the labour market, but have appropriate cognitive abilities to enter it, if given the appropriate training.

In line with the European priorities (EC, 2018) we will:

  • Promote the participation of people from disadvantaged groups with fewer opportunities and / or special needs
  • Increase equality and inclusion, and participation from geographical areas less represented in the Programme.

A training course (Bootcamp) will be developed to improve the employability of VET participants with disabilities. This course will be based on the good practices already established in the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and the work-related practices of the Prodis Foundacion, with digital resources and adaptive work strategies aimed at improving equity, gender and ethics (humans and data protection issues) equality. The project will also create an adaptive model tailored to the realities of partner countries (Portugal, Poland and Spain). Concerning the Spanish partners (Prodis and Autonoma de Madrid), the aim of our collaboration is to rebuild the already existing courses in a digital environment, including a set of generalizable good practices.

By the end of 2020, 150 VET students and 400 VET teachers will be trained and certified.

Last update: 11/04/2018
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Pledge Category

Digital skills in education
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 02/04/2018
End date: 31/12/2020

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope: National
Public Funding: YES
Part of these trainings are integrated as activities in two different projects: One funded by the Erasmus programme Juventude em Ação (#TV T21 COMmunity# e-Skills, social inclusion and employability_2017). The other being a Strategic Partnership for the Exchange of Good Practices (#Picking Winners 2 Digital Literacy Labour Market INCLUSION: Training Course ecosystem (job training, digital literacy and labour mentoring_2018) also funded by Erasmus .

Instituto Politécnico de Santarém

As a Higher Education Institution (HEI) focused on specialised training and alternative educational methods, IPSantarem addresses the promotion of digital inclusion and employability skills. Synergies with stakeholders will be developed also thanks to their participation in the dissemination events that will be organised. Their opinion will count greatly in order to assess the benefits of the course and its’ fitting into the needs of the labour market. As the integration and inclusion of these citizens is a big concern for all European countries and governments, the stakeholders will surely be interested in participating and in sharing the results among their networks.

Qualitative Impact

We will briefly identify what we will be doing following three layers: short-term, middle term and long-term impacts.
Concerning the short-term impact, the project is intended to produce all the contents related to the course in order to generate good practices among the partnership and involved countries.

Regarding the middle-term impact, it will be measured by the effectiveness of the course and its outcomes towards the students and trainers. Moreover, in what scale this course must be replicated in the partner countries. In short, understanding the type and amount of impact this course, actions and activities have within the consortium and involved actors.

Finally, the long-term impact is expected to have made several changes on:

• Pedagogical contexts by the adoption of new and innovative spaces for trainees with disabilities;
• Scientific contexts by the development and promotion of scientific productions for peer-reviewed magazines and scientific repositories;
• Social contexts by including participants with disabilities and integrating strategies for equity and gender balance;
• Technologic contexts by developing online platforms, e-modules, MOOC’s and other digital contents for the course;
• Economic contexts by integrating local and regional stakeholders and providing Bootcamps for the promotion of social and technical skills in order to raise competitiveness towards the labour market.

The project established a set of indicators that allow not only for the accountability but also for project stakeholders to track, monitor and evaluate the progress of the pledge; and at the same time, they constitute an internal tool for monitoring.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
Online Learning platform created Adaptable and Flexible Online Learning platform "#Picking Winners platform" created 1 N/A
Online courses/traininigs developed/provided / VET students 19 N/A
People trained face2face / VET students Students involved in the learning/teaching/training activities 50 N/A
People reached through awareness raising activities / VET trainers Participants in Multiplier Event "#Picking Winners" (two events planned) 400 N/A
People trained face2face / VET students Participants in Bootcamps. Three #Picking Winners Bootcamps will be organised 100 N/A
0 N/A
Publications 4 N/A

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

No evidence available about the progress.


Milestone name Completion date Status
Handbooks production - 2 Handbooks for VET teachers and trainers 10/12/2018
#Picking Winners platform´ - 1 Adaptable and Flexible Online Learning platform 10/11/2019
Adapted educational content - 19 Online courses/trainings developed/provided 02/09/2020
50 New Learners Trained and Certified - 50 Students Trained and Certified 21/06/2020
100 New Learners Trained - 100 participants in bootcamps 18/02/2020
400 participants awareness activities/events - 2 multiplier events are planned 31/12/2020
Scientific Publications in Journals - 4 papers produced 31/12/2020

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