Here you can check the progress of the pledges in the context of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as reported by the pledges themselves. For more information, see the about page. For additional information, please use the contact page.


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The Scottish Digital Technologies Skills Group

To support the growth in cyber security jobs, Scotland's Digital Technologies Skills Group pledges to deliver a series of Discover Cyber Careers events and resources over the next 4 years, engaging 3,000 young people aged 10–14 years.


Transformify #GoRemote program commits to collect data about the digital skills demanded by the business and the digital skills possessed by the people registered with Transformify platform. Based on the report, Transformify will offer e -learning opportunities jointly with partners to help bridge the digital skills gap. At least 5000 targeted remote jobs will be offered via the Transformify platform.

Transformify & Cross Border Talents Academy

Transformify and Cross Border Talents Academy jointly commit to provide targeted e-learning courses and digital jobs to more than 100 job seekers by the end of 2018.

Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy and its partners pledge to increase the number of digitally-skilled employees in Europe, and to help tackle youth unemployment, by reskilling 3,000 jobseekers by 2020.

University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus) will engage in outreach activities that promote the development of digital skills to the students, ICT professionals and the community.

University of Urbino

The University of Urbino pledges to help teachers to introduce computational thinking in their classrooms by scaling up CodeMOOC and delivering it for another 2 years.

Veilig Online - Gezinsbond and Child Focus

In 2018, the Gezinsbond and Child Focus will offer a new digital training developed specifically for socially disadvantaged groups. They will organise 200 trainings with the new interactive modules, 40 of which tailored to vulnerable parents.

WINGS ICT Solutions

WINGS ICT Solutions commits to developing training systems that can contribute to upskilling/ reskilling employees/jobseekers, so as to develop high level digital skills in line with the demand from different industry sectors.

Women & Technologies

2-year project, focused on digital inclusion for women and on boosting young people’s employability.

WorkFlow ICT

WorFlowICT is pledging to provide in Ireland in 2017, FREE training, qualification and motivation to 24 students and experienced professionals to migrate knowledge to Microsoft® SharePoint®.