Here you can check the progress of the pledges in the context of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as reported by the pledges themselves. For more information, see the about page. For additional information, please use the contact page.


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E-Civis - Robotics Week

E-Civis pledges to expand the Robotics week campaign in Romania and build a community around the topic, by organizing at least 500 robotics events and introducing at least 3000 children to robotics by 2020.

ECDL Certifications

ECDL Foundation pledges that by the end of 2018, 2 million digital skills assessments leading to certification under ECDL standards will be taken in the EU. This will contribute to reducing the share of Europeans (45%) who lack basic digital skills and increase their employability and mobility in the labour market.

ECDL Digital Marketing

ECDL Foundation pledges to implement the Digital Marketing module developed and piloted as pledge for the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs in 2015 in at least 5 EU countries by the end of 2017. This pledge is aimed to tackle the problem of a small share of SMEs who sell online (16%) and across borders (7.5%).

Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA

LINPRA will contribute to the development of vocational competences – including digital ones- for at least 100 trainees and at least 50 VET trainers in the metalworking sector, with the development of a new set of occupational standards, a new VET programme and educational material that matches the skills requirements of the manufacturing industry.

eSkills for Volunteers

Eskills for volunteers pledges to develop a certification tool and courses to help 200 young volunteers acquire digital literacy.

European Digital SME Alliance

European Digital SME Alliance is pledging to reach 5000 people by 2019 with its #digitalSMEs4skills campaign. The campaign will enroll hundreds of digital SMEs, such as software developers and tech integrators, which will transfer digital skills to people by offering them internships.

Fondazione Fenice onlus

Fondazione Fenice pledges to involve nearly 12.000 students per year, visitors to Fenice Green Energy Park, in free educational activities on digital topics.

French Insurance Federation (FFA)

FFA is committed to make available to all its members the access to the Digital skills certificate test, aiming to provide 146,200 employees in the insurance societies in France with a Digital Skills certificate by the end of 2020.

Future Intelligence

FINT will organise workshops for farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector to demonstrate the variety of technology tools (open-source from public organisations or private but free to use), which would allow smart farming, digital content creation and data sharing.

Giffoni Innovation Hub

Giffoni Innovation Hub is pledging to offer digital skills practical training to 600 Italian and Swedish students aged 18-28 by the end of 2020 to increase their employability. The Hub will also organise 4 educational workshops per year addressed to 40 teachers and 600 students of primary and secondary schools.