Here you can check the progress of the pledges in the context of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as reported by the pledges themselves. For more information, see the about page. For additional information, please use the contact page.


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Academy Cube

Academy Cube pledges to have at least 500,000 registered talents that can apply to more than 50,000 jobs and are able to attend more than 2,000 e-learning courses by 2020.

Ada, National College for Digital Skills

Ada, The National College for Digital Skills pledges to educate 5000 new learners by 2021 in advanced digital skills including programming and computational thinking skills. In addition to that Ada College will embark upon a strategy for recruiting more young women and students from low income households.

AFOL Metropolitana & EMIT Feltrinelli

AFOL Metropolitana and EMIT Feltrinelli are pledging to actuate a programme to guide, train and provide placements to 300 students, young people and NEETS and to train teachers in 20 educational institutions.


During 2017, AICA will deliver around 50,000 ECDL Digital Skills certification training programmes to students, teachers and adult population, boosting the exchange of good practice and the collaboration among its network AICA DIGINET, across 20 Italian Regions.

All Digital

ALL DIGITAL commits to raise awareness of European citizens about the benefits offered by the digital transformation, and how they can take advantage of them by organising an annual campaign ALL DIGITAL Week (formerly Get Online Week).

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services plans to train more than 25,000 people in France by 2020, helping them develop AWS cloud skills.

Amsterdam Economic Board

The Amsterdam Economic Board pledges to work together with the business world, governmental agencies and knowledge institutes, focusing on collaboration, innovation and growth in order to make the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area the most adaptive and appealing labour market in Europe.

Association “Community of Telecentres Networks”

The Association "Community of Telecentres Networks” is committed to reach the following objectives in the next 2 years: 18.000 people trained; 3,000 certification of digital competences; 2,000 trainings for ICT dynamizers; 300 trainings for self-employed and SMEs; 18,000 people involved in an awareness raising campaign targeting job seekers and the improvement of curricula for unemployed people; improvement of digital skills for 2,000 teachers and educators.

Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale

DigItaly is a physical-virtual environment aimed to promote the knowledge of digital providing free internet access in public places, online courses on ICT and creating web applications for citizens. Digitaly will involve more than 8.000 municipalities, more than 6.000 schools and at least 2.000 companies in Italy in the period 2016-2018.

ASTI Academy

Over the next three years ASTI Academy will deliver robotics training to 100 additional students of Dual Continuous Professional Development in Spain.