Tackle Skill Mismatch in Marketing and Advertising
Start Date 30/06/2021
End Date 03/12/2022
Geographical Scope: EU Member States, Italy

Digital has changed the way people work. One of the most impacted fields is marketing and advertising, in which there is a huge gap between skills learned at school and the actual job talents will perform. We better refer from now on to MadTech which is the conjunction between Marketing Technology and Advertising Technology.

In GAMS, our skill validation platform, we have found one of the possible reasons for skill mismatch is digital adoption and technical preparation, which according to IAB Europe, affects 75% of recruiters when hiring talents and approximately 7 Million MadTech job opportunities in Europe alone

When students learn digital platforms, they lack almost completely of individual hands-on practice on digital communication software. This is due to limitations of budget spending and actual time spent for campaigns to perform. Also, digital platforms are evolving rapidly, and keeping up to date is fundamental.

In GAMS we have built sandbox tools and a flexible system to keep updated content thanks to the contribution of authors (professionals)of the MadTech field. In this safe environment, every student can learn and practice at his/her own pace on demand and also make synchronous practices at school. While the students solve the exercises - in GAMS we better refer to Challenges- our platform starts validating the hard skills of each practitioner and collects all his/her records into a Profile Scorecard.

Such Profile Scorecard aims to solve all the fragmentation of the single certifications in the MadTech market (such as Facebook Blueprint, HubSpot academy, Google ads certification and so forth), so the recruiter, when hiring the talent, has a benchmarked and agnostic overview of the real skills of the talent and could make objective decisions during the recruitment process.

GAMS's ambition is to solve skill mismatch for both Schools and Companies, but foremost is directed to talents because they could practice hand-on platforms they will use in their everyday job for at least their 5/10 years of initial career.

Our Pledge is mainly targeting students in their university courses in the field of communication who finished their degree but still do not have enough practical experience with hands-on digital tools.

GAMS aims to be international since we are a start-up but with limited economic resources, our main goal is to target two Countries: Italy and the Netherlands, and later expand to all EU countries.

Pledge beneficiaries can log into gamsplatform.com and access a free orientation test for exploring the MadTech Career Path. Based on this they are offered a further study in one of three fields:

1. Web Analytics and Data Manager

2. Campaign Manager

3. Marketing Automation Manager

We have carefully built our career paths with the help of experts in the MadTech Field who are the authors of the Challenges and the learning topics, and our tech team always works on platform improvements to make the UX as best as possible.

We hope students will enjoy our free MadTech Essentials Career Path and gain the right skills to approach the MadTech field. They have Our pledge is to give a free orientation to young people who will be the next CMOs in the future. Beneficiaries of this pledge are offered a custom-designed orientation questionnaire and upon completion of the courses a specific badge indicating their learnings within the field of digital adoption.   

Digital Skills in Education

MadTech Essentials skills

Providing students with an orientation questionnaire and specific training for the MadTech market, followed by a badge recognising their learning

MadTech Essentials skills Tier 2 - Facilitating Employment Job matching

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GAMS challenges the skill mismatch in the MadTech job market. GAMS is the Skill Validation Platform for Marketing & Advertising Technology which gives a set of sandbox tools allowing users to play with Challenges created by selected industry professionals.