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Start Date 20/05/2021
End Date 20/08/2021
Geographical Scope: Portugal

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The Digital Volunteers Programme aims to support European SMEs in their digital transformation journey by growing their employees' digital competences, with dedicated and skilled mentors from larger businesses. The digital mentors will apply their digital skills, knowledge and experience to solve a specific challenge related to digitalisation identified by jointly by the mentee company and its mentor.

The Digital Volunteers Programme is an initiative announced in the SME strategy, published in March 2020. The programme is also instrumental in contributing to the targets established by the Digital Decade Communication which aims to equip at least 80% of EU citizens with digital skills by 2030 and reach 20 million employed  ICT specialists; as well as reaching 75% of European enterprises that have taken up cloud computing services, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and more than 90% of European SMEs with at least a basic level of digital intensity.

During the piloting phase, a select group of large companies will provide digital mentors to SMEs to deliver training, advisory services or even develop joint digital projects. Based on the experience gained during this pilot phase, the Digital Volunteers Programme will be later scaled up to support the transfer and sharing of skills between large companies and SMEs in Europe.

Within the Digital Volunteers-Mentors Pilot Programme, Brisa is supporting the SME Habidom, located in Portugal.

Digital Skills for Labour Force

Digital stakeholders satisfaction measuring tool

Supporting an SME (Habidom) to integrate a Net Promoter Score tool into their data processes.

Digital stakeholders satisfaction measuring tool Tier 3 - Honorary pledge Digital Volunteers Pilot Programme

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Brisa was founded in 1972. It has become one of the largest international highway operators and the largest transport infrastructure company in Portugal. Our portfolio includes assets divided into five business areas: concessions, road services, vehicle inspections, and international businesses.