uCV: one website for each job seeker
Start Date 01/05/2021
End Date 01/05/2022
Geographical Scope: Italy

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Corsidia is an Italian platform that aggregates educational opportunities offered by more than a thousand selected Training Centers in Italy. Roughly half of these courses are aimed at unemployed people and financed by regional training funds. For this reason, approximately 70% of Corsidia’s visitors are unemployed people looking for professional training in order to find a job. In the journey from unemployed, to trained employable, to hired, Corsidia aims at helping at each step.
In order to help with the last step, we launched uCV (formerly "PubliCV").

uCV is a platform that allows each job seeker to create their digital curriculum vitae, in order to make themselves easily and directly findable by the companies looking for candidates like them, through an AI matching system. Since uCV transforms the classic curriculum vitae into a digital asset, fully owned by the job seeker, in the form of a website, companies can now look for candidates to hire through any search engine, including the dedicated one available from the uCV homepage.

By allowing job seekers to create their unique curriculum vitae that is both digital and published online, the jobseeking process is optimized by cutting the middlemen out and by empowering the jobseeker with the training needed to acquire the basic digital skills needed to manage their own online presence.

* Hence the name of the platform: "uCV", as is in "unique CV".

Digital Skills for Labour Force

uCV: one website for each job seeker.

We pledge to create 1000 websites for 1000 job seekers, each month.

uCV: one website for each job seeker. Tier 2 - Facilitating Employment Job matching

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We select the best training opportunities available and develop tools to facilitate training and job-seeking processes. We make sure that each job seeker is able to create and improve their digital CV, in order to make themselves easily and directly findable by the companies looking for them.