Digital Entrepreneur Programme
Start Date 01/06/2021
End Date 31/12/2021
Geographical Scope: EU Member States

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Expert Channel TV is an online media platform that delivers high-quality content on-demand and across social media platforms. As an online media channel, we believe in making quality online content accessible on an international scale. We curate learning content from international experts in English and Spanish. Our different formats: video, podcast and digital magazine cater to different learning styles and content preferences.

Expert Channel TV pledges to enable entrepreneurs and small business owners with the basic digital skills to create an online brand presence, grow an audience and build brand awareness online. Implementing digital marketing strategies to start an online brand or transition an offline brand to be able to navigate any pandemic.

We will do this through actionable workshops where attendees will be able to learn how to:

  • Create their brand´s online presence.
  • What platforms to use.
  • How to build an audience.
  • How to create a Content plan.
  • Visibility.
  • Positioning.
  • Trends.

This training will benefit:

  • Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners/managers who want to create and leverage an online presence for their brand/business.
  • Startups who want to learn the basics of digital marketing, visibility and social media.
  • Unemployed who are thinking of starting their own business.
  • Creators/designers wanting to reach an online audience.
  • Business owners or entrepreneurs who have an offline business and need to learn how to transition online.
  • Strategies will be optimised for both product and service-based businesses.

The workshops will be held online via free tools such as video conferencing platforms with clear instructions on how to join. Each topic will have clear explanations, written and video materials for self-study and reference after the workshop and Q&A during the workshop and on a special session a week after the workshop. Workshops will be held in English and Spanish. 

Digital Skills for Labour Force

Digital Entrepreneur Programme

Providing the basic skills and strategies to build a brand online.

Digital Entrepreneur Programme Tier 1 - Training Online & Face-to-face

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Online media platform that delivers high-quality content on-demand on TV and apps and across social media platforms. Expert Channel Academy helps members and viewers acquire digital, soft, digital, and leadership skills so they can advance their career and life or grow a successful business.