Digital Skills - teacher trainings
Start Date 20/10/2020
End Date 30/06/2021
Geographical Scope: Slovakia

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Our inititative was started in 2016 by Accenture. In 2019 other companies (ESET, Orange, Telekom) joined the initiative to deliver teacher trainings in co-volunteering mode. Up to now we have trained over 1,400 teachers from over 400 schools on how to teach their students programming in a playful way, together with digital security, from both technical and social perspectives. This year, due to the epidemiological situation we have made our trainings available online as a set of webinars, throughout the whole school year. TTT stands for Train the trainer or Teach the teacher and helps to scale trainings and knowledge very easily – you train e.g. 20 teachers at one training who teach e.g. 100 kids each and you have impact on 2000 kids. Currently initiative is supported financially or through involvement of company volunteers delivering the training by following companies: Accenture, Eset, Orange, Telekom, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, Siemens, Microsoft.

  • Our target audience are teachers at primary and secondary schools – mainly teachers of Computer Science 
  • We have a website  and a Facebook group/community “Ucme informatiku inak” with more than 900 members 
  • We are showing the teachers how to teach kids programming, using the platform
  • The second part of the training is about digital security, firstly from the social point of view (e.g. addiction, cyberbullying etc.) and secondly from the technical point of view (what is a good password, why not to connect to a public wifi etc.)
  • In addition to 1,400 teachers already trained, our ambition for the school year 2020 / 2021 is to reach and train 100 teachers, thus reaching approximately 10,000 additional kids
  • As a part of the initiative, we conduct also trainings for parents employed in our companies and their kids, covering the same content

Digital Skills in Education

Digital Skills - teacher trainings

'We will provide access to online webinars for teachers of Computer Science on how to teach kids programming in a fun way'

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Digital Skills is a platform created by several technology companies - members of Business Leaders Forum (BLF), an association of leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility in Slovakia.