Welcome to your new digital job
Start Date 22/06/2020
End Date 22/01/2024
Geographical Scope: EU Member States

Our mission is to foster digitalisation in order to reduce the unemployment rate by aligning existing skills with those demanded in the ICT sector. Our solution - XtoIT - is a multi-language skill-matching platform, that helps non-technical people align their existing skills with those that are currently demanded by the IT sector and facilitates new ICT career path planning. 

Features and characteristics:

  • Online open platform;
  • Based on European classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO);
  • Uses proven Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools;
  • Created as a social mission. 

The platform will improve the employability of non-ICT sector citizens and provide guidance to everyone on how non-technical people all over the world can transfer their skills and begin their careers in the ICT sector.

Digital Skills for All Citizens

Welcome to your new digital job

Online multi language platform that will assess the skills of non-technical persons and match them to a job in the ICT sector.

Welcome to your new digital job Tier 2 - Facilitating Employment Job matching

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