Development of the e-CF User Tool
Start Date 01/07/2020
End Date 01/07/2022
Geographical Scope: EU Member States, United Kingdom

The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) is an EU standard that can be used by public and private companies as well as the education sector as a common language for describing digital competences of IT professionals. The accompanying ICT Profile tool brings the e-CF into practice by grouping its competences under specific ICT roles. The e-CF 4.0 was published at the end of 2019, but the standard is still not widely known across Europe. We see its potential to be adopted broadly and to facilitate digital transformation, through the hiring and upskilling of new professionals as well as better communication between industry and education. 

To increase the visibility and accessibility of this EU standard, we will create an e-CF user tool. This tool will allow the user to: 

  • Browse the framework diagram to read the descriptors of each competency 
  • Select roles to view the competency/levels that define them, as well as the role and competency descriptions 
  • Create a custom user profile (a set of competencies and their levels) to be saved as a PDF to a personal device.  

The tool will be developed from ITPE resources and it will be made available for everyone free of charge. Its purpose will be to raise awareness and facilitate the understanding of the e-CF. 

Digital Skills for ICT Professionals

Interactive e-CF-user tool

Development and provision of free access to an interactive e-CF user tool. Reach 2000 active users over a 2-year period on our webpage featuring the Interactive e-CF user tool.

Interactive e-CF-user tool Tier 2 - Awareness Raising Other

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400 2000 -

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