Survey and awareness on consumers' digital skills
Start Date 01/07/2021
End Date 31/12/2021
Geographical Scope: EU Member States

This pledge of the European Digital Learning Network aims to conduct a pan-European research investigating how the consumers' digital competences are actively, safely and assertively exercised in the digital marketplace.

We live in a hyper-connected world. With a penetration rate of 97% (International Telecommunication Union latest data), the number of mobile phone subscriptions is approaching the number of people on earth. More than the 83% of households in the European Union’s 28 Member States (EU28) had internet access (Eurostat, 2019). This reliance on and increased use of technologies for everyday activities influences several aspects of citizens’ lives, including their choices as consumers. The complexity and multiplicity of digital marketplaces provide a plethora of opportunities and risks for consumers. Today consumers acquire “free” goods and services in exchange for their personal data, and data transfers pose new privacy and security risks. Digital content products and services raise questions about usage restrictions. Unsafe products are offered online across borders, and online platforms (Digital Consumer Competence Framework, JRC, EU Commission). 

Following the report, we'll start an informative campaign made of conferences, seminars, presence on social media, press articles to mobilize as much as we can from the Institutional level to the citizens and professional operators of the education sectors until June 2021. The survey will tackle all of the EU's citizens from 15+ yrs. old as a consumer.

The survey and the related campaign will have a bottom-up approach, rather than a pure field research. It is expected that at least 5000 entries will be received and the communication campaign will reach at least 20,000 people. The final goal will be to get inputs transferred to the right people at institutional level, thanks to the pressure of the consumers' associations to the biggest companies managing more than 80% of the online marketplaces worldwide, in order for them to take the right measures for protecting the consumers when purchasing online.

Digital Skills for All Citizens

Survey and awareness on consumers' digital skills

How the consumers' digital competences are actively, safely and assertively exercised in the digital marketplace?

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