Start Date 01/11/2016
End Date 30/12/2021
Geographical Scope: EU Member States, United Kingdom

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Providing equal access to jobs and secure payment to everyone regardless of their location, ability or personal situation is Transformify's mission. Remote work allows businesses to create jobs in high-unemployment areas or provide work from home opportunities to people less able to move, working parents, etc. 

Transformify HR Suite is in a unique position to share information about the skills demanded by the business and propose relevant eLearning opportunities to the job seekers thus encouraging them to develop their digital skills. Powerful matching algorithms match jobseekers to jobs matching their competences based on (i) the skills demanded by the business and (ii) the skills possessed by the job seekers.

Transformify has pledged to:

  • provide access to remote work opportunities,
  • provide information regarding the skills demanded by the business,
  • suggest relevant eLearning opportunities to the job seekers so they can enhance their digital skills,
  • provide information regarding the digital skills gap.

Digital Skills for Labour Force

Transformify remote jobs

Providing targeted remote jobs via the Transformify platform to increase the employment rate among seniors, youth, single parents, stay at home mothers, people living in high unemployment areas and refugees.

Transformify remote jobs Tier 1 - Placement Traineeship

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