Competence Barometer
Start Date 01/04/2020
End Date 31/12/2022
Geographical Scope: Poland

Competences barometer is an online set of tests, 48 single choice questions each (we have 10 different sets of questions) covering the entire sylabus of “Computer Skills Cerificate – Basic Level”, the qualification one can find in the National Qualification Register (4 modules: Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets). We target SME’s HR divisions (they can get they own licence key), so it could be used to assess computer skills of job seekers (unemployed) or their own employees. It could be used also by anybody at our website – especially by job seekers, or people intending to assess their skills to decide if they have to look for a training in some subject maters (we do not provide training besides of free simple e-learnings, available for every module at our webpage). Individuals use different test sets than SME’s. The barometer gives a result in a descriptive form for every module’s set of skills (24 sets are evaluated). It is free of charge.

Digital Skills for Labour Force

Competence Barometer

An online tool to estimate candidate's basic digital competences, managed by HR department (specialist).

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