At home Seniors become digital (Corona virus time)
Start Date 12/03/2020
End Date 25/06/2020
Geographical Scope: Italy

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You can remain armored within the home walls and still maintain contacts and emotional relationships by using digital tools previously considered other than themselves. You can discover the usefulness of dealing with the network for banking, postal, insurance, condominium affairs, paperwork with the Public Administration and finally discover that it is viable ways.

Covid-19 has forced everyone to accept the digital way; from young to the elderly. If #Iorestoacasa has become the most viral slogan, forced people to stay at home, it makes seniors say: #acasanoidiventiamodigitali: at home we become digital! In addition to daily activities (articles, newsletters, social networks), some weeks have been activated THURSDAY GREY PANTHERS SKYPE: meetings-conversations with readers with didactic objectives.

They are presented mini lectures on important digital topics:

  • We talked about Spid, the Digital Health Record, of platforms of the Municipality (Milan and other cities) that allow the Citizen to carry out independently online different practices, obtain certificates;
  • We will talk shortly about Poste online, INPS, digital security and privacy; of social life; to search for sites where to find secure information.

Very attentive readers, who have then the possibility to download the materials presented during the meeting.

Digital Skills for All Citizens

At home senior become digital - COVID-19

At home senior become digital (during corona virus time).

At home senior become digital - COVID-19 Tier 2 - Courses / Programmes Supporting the development of courses

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We are a Magazine, active since 2008, for people aged over 55 years, who have already seen, read, travelled a lot and interested in the news of our time. Daily contents and a mission: overcoming the senior Digital Divide with online activities, events, courses and initiatives with IT students