#StayAtHome Coding Camp
Start Date 30/03/2020
End Date 15/05/2020
Geographical Scope: EU Member States, Czech Republic, Hungary

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Green Fox Academy commits to provide free online courses of programming to everyone who wants to gain new skills in this field. 

The content of the course involves HTML, CSS, Git, Github and JavaScript Foundations and the participants should be able to create a simple website and a web application at the end of the course. We aim at people who are at risk of losing their job due to the current Covid-19 crisis and need to gain new skills in order to pursue a different career. The course is on beginner's level, so the students can decide whether coding is something suitable for them.

Digital Skills for Labour Force

#StayAtHome Coding Camp

We are organizing four online courses for free, each taking 3 weeks, to teach people basics of coding.

#StayAtHome Coding Camp Tier 1 - Training Online

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Green Fox Academy is a coding bootcamp with locations in Prague and Budapest. With the help of a professional team, students can become junior software developers and transform their prospective career path to the IT sector.