i3- Education for ideas, inventions and innovation
Start Date 01/09/2017
End Date 01/02/2020
Geographical Scope: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece

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The objective of the Project “i3” is to support regional development, cooperation and competitiveness of the target area of the Transnational Cooperation Programme "Balkan - Mediterranean" 2014-2020 by developing, implementing and promoting a model for entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer (model i3 - Ideas, Inventions, Innovations) for students and young entrepreneurs.

The whole pledge was a work performed by the eBusiness and User Experience Laboratory with responsible Professor Spiros Sirmakessis syrma@uop.gr

Digital Skills for Labour Force

i3- Education for ideas, inventions and innovation

Introduction of the model "i3" (Ideas, Inventions, Innovations), intended to become a recognisable trademark of a tool for promotion of creative, innovative and focused entrepreneurial training activities.

i3- Education for ideas, inventions and innovation Tier 2 - Courses / Programmes Providing access to courses

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The University of Peloponnese established in 2000 and accepted its first students in 2002. The central premises are located in Tripolis while schools and departments operate in other 6 cities (Tripolis, Corinth, Nafplion, Sparti, Kalamata and Patra).