Digital skills to match industry demand
Start Date 01/01/2017
End Date 31/12/2018
Geographical Scope: Greece

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WINGS ICT Solutions aims to develop high level digital skills for ICT professionals in different industry sectors through understanding the needs of industry and developing new systems that can contribute to the growth of digital skills by reskilling and upsklling employees and job seekers.

WINGS ICT Solutions pledges to provide the training opportunities for the upskilling of employees in digital skills.

Digital Skills for Labour Force

Providing employees with augmented skills

Training employees advanced skills with a blended online-face to face approach to fulfill the skills’ demand of companies, as well as enable themselves to claim better job positions for their own professional and personal development.

Providing employees with augmented skills Tier 1 - Placement Internship

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WINGS ICT Solutions is a fast-growing SME, which focuses on the development of software for various vertical sectors (namely, water, energy, smart cities, food safety, health, transportation, finance) through advanced wireless, cloud/IoT, big data and security technologies.