Digital skills certificates
Start Date 01/01/2018
End Date 31/12/2020
Geographical Scope: France

The French Insurance Federation aims to equip insurance employees with the necessary skills for the integration of digitisation activities and digital tools in professional practice and mastering of the tools of the connected workstation.

FFA is committed to making available an exam for certifying the digital skills of employees in the insurance sector. It will be provided, free-of-charge to all its members to issue employees with the devleoped Certificat Digital Assurance.

Digital Skills for Labour Force

Improving Digital Skills of insurance workers

Providing employees in insurance sector with the same common base in Digital skills needed to work in the insurance sector.

Improving Digital Skills of insurance workers Tier 2 - Facilitating Employment

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The French Insurance Federation (FFA) represents 280 insurance and reinsurance companies operating in France, covering over 99% of the market. The Federation has several missions such as representing the interests of insurance industry on social and economic matters.