ASTI Talent and Technology Foundation


ASTI Talent and Technology Foundation is the foundation in ASTI TechGroup, an international Group designing global solutions based on technology and robotics.

Last update: 17/02/2021
Location: Spain

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ASTI Robotics Challenge

Geographical Location: Spain

The ASTI Robotics challenge aims to empower students to develop their own skills in the area of mobile robotics through project-based and collaborative learning methods. ASTI will run the competiti...

ASTI Academy

Geographical Location: Spain

ASTI Academy supports the preparation of VET students for the digital transformation and to have the right skills required for the next generation workforce by providing deep knowledge about roboti...

STEM Talent Girl

Geographical Location: EU, United Kingdom

ASTI Talent and Technology Foundation is a company created as part of ASTI TechGroup, one of the leader companies in technology, to develop programs to improve society by using technology and foste...