Here are some of the most common questions and answers about the pledges in relation to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, including links for more information. In case of any further questions which are not included here, please contact us at pledges@bluspecs.com

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

1.1 What is a pledge?
A pledge is the commitment to perform an action which promotes the acquisition of digital skills amongst Europeans. Specifically, a pledge:
  • Progresses digital skills within the four key pillars of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
  • Acts beyond the normal scope of an organisation’s activities
  • Provides measurable outcomes for a defined set of beneficiaries
  • Is provided in good faith and free of conditions to the beneficiaries
Each pledge has a common goal and theme but is made up of one or more initiatives with specific actions, pillars and/or beneficiaries resulting in individual indicators to aid reporting and progress.
1.2 Who can pledge?
Any organisation can make a pledge, we receive pledges of all types and scales from small local associations working with specific groups of beneficiaries to large multinationals providing online training modules and certification. Check out some examples of previous pledging organisations in ‘Pledges’.
1.3 How do I get involved?
  1. Review other pledges for inspiration through ‘Pledges’
  2. Register your organisation’s account through ‘Make a Pledge’
  3. Decide on the main activities and potential beneficiaries
  4. Add your pledge
  5. Create the individual initiatives and set target indicators
  6. Send for review
  7. Get started promoting the acquisition of digital skills in Europe
  8. Report and receive your badges
Also don’t forget to post updates on Twitter or Facebook tagging the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. If you require any support while designing and submitting a pledge you can send an email to pledges@bluspecs.com to receive help and guidance from the Secretariat.