Women & Technologies

Women & Technologies

The Women and Technology Association helps women embrace digital transformation, developing skills and competences useful to contribute to the growth of institutions, companies, families and society. Our digital inclusivework is aimed to address all generations of women - from young girls to senior ladies, already in the labor market, unemployed or still in schools - who want to get the most of digital technologies.

The association is pledging to run a multi-year project in Italy, focused on digital inclusion for women and on boosting young people’s employability through three main strands:

  • New jobs for the future: this action includes the organisation of 5 Futurecamp Europe events and laboratories per year, aiming at informing and orienting young peoplefrom schools across Italy on the new digital jobs and make their profiles competitive at the national and international level. We will offer specific IT training (i.e. coding, robotics, videogames and app development) to 1,000 young people per year.
  • Re-thinking jobs: the IT trends require the development of new skills and competencies in all productive sectors, a need that the Association addresses by providing training for women in specific industries (i.e. retail, biotech, ICT)
  • Generation Pact: a cultural change management action through new technologies to promote an healthy exchange and coalition between digital and analogic natives.
Last update: 17/04/2018
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Pledge Category

Digital skills in education
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/01/2018
End date: 31/12/2019

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope:
Public Funding:
Funds come from membership fees (individuals and corporation), sponsorship and fund raising activities.

Women & Technologies Association (Associazione Donne e Tecnologie)

The Association, born in 2009, aims at empowering women's talent in technology, innovation and scientific research, promoting projects and actions aimed at combating stereotypes and gender discrimination, contributing to the orientation of young people to future professions and sustainable business models.

Qualitative Impact

• Strong awareness action on influencers and institutional stakeholders through a solid network of Italian and international Universities, research centers labs and scientific departments of schools
• STEM and STEAM are promoted among young people as professional opportunity;
• Public-private sector cooperation. Joint activities with the private sector are carried out to promote professional experiences to students within the curricula path (Alternanza scuola lavoro promoted by the Ministry of Education).

Over the years the Association has already involved 250 members of Italian and international Universities, research centers labs and scientific departments, public and private companies, 350 speakers from 16 different countries, 6,000 participants, 300 press people, 80,000 visitors, 120,000 referrals, 380,000 views and 5,000 social contacts.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained face-to-face/Young people In-person training (at school or in public event and/or exhibitions) to involve primary and secondary schools – I and II grade) trained every year 1,000 2150/700
People reached through awareness raising activities/Young people Participants in events and laboratories, aimed at informing and orienting young people, per year 1,000 1000/500
People trained face-to-face/online? Women In-person and online training 1,000 500

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress


Milestone name Completion date Status
300 students engaged in person at Future Camp Europe Day in Rome (Videogame: from entertainment to job opportunity) and 1000 online through video streaming 16/11/2017 Completed
Roundtable “ Women in retail a new opportunity through technology” held 30/11/2017 Completed
200 K12 students trained in Future Camp RobotLab (coding and robotics) 28/01/2018 Completed
Professional training “Secretary job” for 120 personal assistants and office managers in enterprises 24/11/2017 Completed
130 women participate in the ‘Gender stereotypes: neuroscience and language’ workshop 06/02/2018 Completed
200 women participate in the ‘Inspiring Tech @ Information Technology Forum 2018’ 21/02/2018 Completed
200 women participate in the ‘Women & Digital Jobs in Europe’ workshop 06/03/2018 Completed
100 women participate in the ‘Women, Media and Technologies’ workshop 09/03/2018 Completed
100 women participate in the ‘Chi dice donna dice… digital’ workshop 16/03/2018 Completed
100 young people participate in the ‘Discovering digital jobs: video games’ workshop 17/03/2018 Completed
640 women, men and young people participate in the ‘Don’t miss the digital tramway!’ workshop 18/03/2018 Completed
200 women participate in the ‘Why technology needs more women’ workshop 22/03/2018 Completed