Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy and its partners pledge to increase the number of digitally-skilled employees in Europe, and to help tackle youth unemployment, by reskilling 3,000 jobseekers by 2020. These ambitious goals will be achieved via the delivery of a series of digital skills-based technology career programs using the Story-Centered Curriculum (SCC) approach. SCC centers on a rich, engaging story, which closely resembles situations the learners encounter or soon will encounter in their real-world work. SCC is a combination of a fact-based case study and a play. As with a play, the participants are given a “role.” The learners become the “principal characters” in these stories and strive to successfully complete a series of business tasks. Ubiqum Code Academy technology programs are based on extensive research done by the European Digital Agenda team. Therefore, the skills participants learn via Ubiqum Code Academy are relevant to the digital workplace and aid in the creation of an Eco-system with corporations and startup hubs which have direct employment opportunities for the students. Ubiqum Code Academy seeks to deliver programmes outside Spain and the Netherlands and is therefore actively engaging industry partners across Europe and enlisting the support of European Government agencies.

Last update: 26/04/2018
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Pledge Category

Digital skills for ICT professionals
Digital skills in education
Digital skills for labour force
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/01/2017
End date: 31/12/2019

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: YES
Partially we receive funds from the SOC “Projecte Garantia Juvenil” funded by the SEF. Aprox 25% of our students come from this project.

Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum is a leading international coding bootcamp that specialises in Full Stack Java and Data Analytics.

Qualitative Impact

Increase the stock of talent in Barcelona to allow technical start ups and corporations to keep the growth rates they plan.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained online/ jobseekers Reskill 3 000 jobseekers by 2020, by delivering a series of digital skills-based technology career programs using the Story-Centered Curriculum (SCC) approach. 3,000 250

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

We have already trained, from January 2016 to April 2018, 250 students and 95% of them have got a job.

We did open our Berlin campus this June 2017 with the first program in java Full stack development. And the first data analytics cohort in Berlin started in February 2018. We expect 100 students this year.

We are starting first two cohorts, one and one, in the Amsterdam premises this May first 2018 and expect to have 75 students this year.

The plans are running as expected, our students are happy with their deep learning and the jobs they get.


Milestone name Completion date Status
Create the content in a Story Centered curriculum format to train absolute beginners in the IT skills to be employable 31/01/2016 Completed
Create the content in a Story Centered Curriculum way to train fresh university graduates in data Analytics and Big Data 31/03/2016 Completed
Pilot. Launching a pilot program funded by SOC /SEF to train 25 unemployed young people and make the employable as front end developer. 31/07/2016 Completed
Launching open programs to train 50 web developers and Data analyst. 31/10/2016 Completed
Stablishing partnerships with employers to our students. On-going task. 31/07/2017 On Track
Launching a new SEF/SOC funded program to train unemployed young people to be employable in TIC. 31/01/2017 Completed
Launching programs to train 200 people in web development and Data Analytics. 31/12/2017 Completed
Launching programs to train 1.000 people in Data Analytics and web development 31/12/2018 On Track
Launching programs to train 2.000 people in Data Analytics and web development 31/12/2019 On Track