Telefónica Educación Digital

Telefónica Educación Digital

Telefónica Educación Digital pledges its support to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition by offering free access for all citizens to three online platforms with educational resources:

  • MiriadaX, a MOOC platform with over 90 universities offering more than 500 courses in a wide range subjects of subjects, including ICT and teacher development;
  • StemByMe platform, which provides free online courses and guidance to children aged 12 within the area of STEM and ICT, particularly in the field of robotics and programming;
  • ScolarTIC, an online teacher development resource centre which brings together experts and the teaching community to improve digital skills and impact on learning outcomes.

These three large initiatives have been developed by Telefónica Educación Digital as part of its “lifelong learning” strategy and we would be delighted to offer them to be accessed and freely used by citizens.

Pledge Category

Digital skills for ICT professionals
Digital skills in education
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/01/2017
End date: 31/12/2017

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: NO

Telefónica Educación Digital

Telefónica Educación Digital (part of the Telefónica Group) offers a range of initiatives geared at empowering citizens to participate more in the digital society and improve their employability.

Qualitative Impact

With our pledge, we intend to contribute to the positive impact of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition project by offering a wide variety of quality e-learning content and social learning tools to enrich and empower all citizens. In particular, we anticipate impact among children and their increased interest in STEM related subjects as well as in robotics and programming, thanks to the user friendly and specially designed courses to relate to young learners on our StemByMe platform. For teachers, the ScolarTIC platform offers free ICT related courses and resources to help improve the quality of education that they pass on to their students, so reinforcing student interest and improving their digital skills for when they leave education and enter the world of work. ScolarTIC and StemByMe are both linked as teachers pass on what they have learned to students and so stimulate further learning outputs. Our MiriadaX platform offers a more global opportunity for citizens to engage, learn and improve their own skills, albeit for self-interest, self-improvement or reskilling for the job market.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People reached through awareness raising activities/students Reach a further 120 000 children through various projects 120,000 120,706
People trained online/ all citizens People trained online in digital skills EU more than 75% learned 100,000 92,290
People reached through awareness raising activities/teachers Reach 80 000 teachers through various projects 80,000 79,800

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

MiríadaX is our MOOC platform which offers a huge range of free training courses across a variety of subjects. Content is developed by Universities. Since 2013 we have reached 4,850,000 enrollments on the platform with Coding and Agile methodologies courses being the most in demand - again a trend that continues to rise, particularly with young people.

Talentum 4 Jobs Initiative. This is an initiative which promotes reskilling of young people who are seeking employment and so far we now have 137,964 students on different courses which are in a blended format. The trend seems to be that around 80% of students who complete the programme, find some sort of job related to their new skills.

STEM platform and STEM challenge. Our STEM programme comprises of a platform for children and another for teachers, so that they may learn the basics of programming and robotics. Periodically, and in conjunction with our partners, we launch inter-school competitions (on a national or international scale). Our Youth STEM platform ( has now over 240,000 registered users worldwide and more than 450,000 teachers in our teachers platform (

This year's STEM Challenge was launched in April 2017 (until December) and was aimed at schools in Spain and South America, encouraging teams of school children to produce Apps with the support of their teachers. Some statistics:
408 projects presented
More than 250 Schools taking part
More than 500 teachers registered
More than 3.500 student participating