Symfony Nursery

Symfony Nursery

SensioLabs, creator of Symfony, steers the Symfony Nursery, a cooperation with Pole Emploi, the French Job Centre and Webforce 3, a training centres network. Symfony Nursery provides training for professionals on PHP language, more specifically on the Open-source framework Symfony. In the last years, SensioLabs observed a lack of trained professionals for web development on Symfony: companies are looking for more Symfony-skilled developers. As a result, SensioLabs connected to Pole Emploi and Webforce 3 to launch the Symfony Nursery. Pole Emploi will source candidates and finance their professional training, working in close relation with corporate. Webforce3 takes charge of the initial in-class training during 3 months on a program designed by SensioLabs. The next 6 months, the promotion works in companies, while taking online class on the SensioLabs University platform. 

Symfony Nursery is a collective action, which gathers Pole Emploi to source candidates, Webforce 3 to host training sessions and SensioLabs to coordinate the project design the training program. Each partner complements each other’s activities: we needed to work together to offer our integrated training path to professionals and companies.
Symfony Nursery has the objective to train jobseekers, helping them to upgrade their skills to find a qualified sustainable job. We want to respond allocation problems on the digital labour market, giving the opportunity for motivated professionals to access jobs. This is very important for us to include all people interested in IT, coding and web development in our ecosystem.
Until the end of 2018, we will offer Symfony Nursery only in France. Depending on our program success and corporate needs, we can develop in another countries after 2018. We plan to train 105 people (7x15 people per class) until the end of 2018.
Last update: 30/10/2017
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Digital skills for ICT professionals
Digital skills for labour force

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Time period

Start date: 01/09/2017
End date: 31/12/2018

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: NO

Pole emploi

Pole emploi is a key player in the French employment market. Its role is to help the unemployed find work and support companies to fulfil their recruitment requirements.


SensioLabs is an Open Source software and SaaS editor. It created Symfony, the PHP framework, and it conceives e-solution products, training and support offers for web developers and businesses.


Webforce3 is a network of 25 training centres in France and Belgium bringing digital skills to professionals on hard-to-fill jobs.

Qualitative Impact

Improvement of PHP development and developers’ creativity : new services, enabling collaborative innovation for developers.
Valuable experience for jobseekers.
Positive and socially-conscious action for corporate giving a new chance to jobseekers.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained with a blended online-face to face approach/job-seekers Symfony Nursery has the objective to train jobseekers, helping them to upgrade their skills to find a qualified sustainable job 105 N/A

Pledge progress

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No evidence available about the progress.


Milestone name Completion date Status
Launch of the 1st promotion 30/09/2017 N/A
Assessment of the 1st promotion, adjustment actions if needed 31/12/2017 N/A
Launch of the 2nd promotion 01/01/2018 N/A
Development of the program in French regions 01/03/2018 N/A