PROMIS@Service & Millennia2025

PROMIS@Service & Millennia2025

Renewing their pledge made in June 2013, Millennia2025 and PROMIS@Service are pledging to expand their alliance with the goal of advising women and men concerned by gender equality- in Europe and beyond- in particular through eMentoring, transfer of knowledge and eSkills, doubling by 2020 the Millennia2025 community of international voluntary researchers which at present counts 10.717 contacts and 4.419 members in 141 countries.

The objective is to build Communities of Knowledge between e-Mentors (STEM scientists, corporate business leaders, retired experts) and e-Mentees (employees, citizens, students), to implement the concrete actions developed by the Millennia2025 network since 2008 at European and global levels (studies, projects, global partnerships etc.), and to promote Systemic Open Innovation. The objective is also to support those who do not access communications tools and who nevertheless are drivers of changes for better futures. 

Pledge Category

Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/05/2017
End date: 30/09/2020

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: NO
We are investing our own resources and are not receiving any public funding yet.

PROMIS@Service Sarl

PROMIS@Service Sarl, a spin-off of European projects, deploys an Open Innovation Business enabling e-Platform offering multilingual interactive services and eMentoring, as well as new ways of managing knowledge in an integrated way.

Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation

The Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation is the follow up of the Millennia 2015 international foresight research process for women's empowerment and gender equality organised by The Destree Institute since 2007.

Qualitative Impact

• WePROMIS® is the first multilingual eMentoring initiative at international level;
• It is the first time that the Millennia2025 foresight method is applied globally and particularly in Europe for women's empowerment and gender equality:;
• With the Millennia2025 Intelligence Platform powered by PROMIS®, the e-Mentees and e-Mentors share their skills, learn new skills and work with added value in a multilingual environment.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
Millennia2025 Voluntary Researchers' Network members WePROMIS® is aiming to double the International Millennia2025 Voluntary Researchers' Network, which at present, counts 10.717 contacts and 4.419 members in 141 countries 20 N/A

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

9.035 People trained on the PROMIS(R) e-Platform (Face-to-Face, Train the Trainers, e-Training, online tutorials, online demos, webinars)

MOOCS - more than 3.000

2 people placed at work

21 workshops
People and stakeholder reached reached through events ca. 2.000


Milestone name Completion date Status
Upgrade Millennia2025 powered by PROMIS®: adapt to NGO context and activating/building Communities of Knowledge 31/05/2017 On Track
International event with face to face, as well as online participants to assess the applications and invite new members, with presentation of the specific trainings 31/12/2017 On Track
Doubling the number of Millennia2025 members on the Millennia2025 Intelligence Platform powered by PROMIS® 30/06/2018 On Track
Publication of the Millennia2025 Knowledge Society Reference Guide 31/12/2018 N/A
Doubling the number of users 30/06/2019 N/A
Continuous development of eSkills in the Millennia2025 Community and Intelligence Platform powered by PROMIS® recognized as a must among for sharing knowledge and eSkills in a multilingal context 30/09/2020 N/A