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Since 2015, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen has an increased focus on the girls in ICT agenda in Denmark. As a pledge to the Coalition, we are committed to increase the reach of our activities, including our event Girls Day in Science (three girls events to be organised in 2017-18), Op-eds on the IT gender gap in the national media (two to be published in 2017-18), collaborations with education organisations like and the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), and participation both in national and international conferences on the subject (Grace Hopper, Bridging the Gender Gap in IT, Gender Equality Achievements in Denmark etc.). Videos, articles, ads and social media stories featuring female Microsoft developers will be disseminated to showcase more female role models.

This is an ongoing initiative aligned with other global "Girls in ICT" Microsoft projects.

Examples of past activities include:

  • Video Girls day in science 2017
  • Video Female Software Engineer
  • Blog Girls day in Science 2016
  • Op ed with Minister of Equality in Denmark

Pledge Category

Digital skills in education

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/07/2017
End date: 31/07/2018

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope:
Public Funding: NO

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

At Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen we push the limits of coding while developing intelligent, end to end business solutions for the Dynamics portfolio; Dynamics 365, NAV, AX and CRM. We work in teams, we design, we test and we develop solutions to empower businesses around the world. Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Qualitative Impact

Our mission is to have more girls pursuing a STEM career in Denmark, particularly in IT.
We believe Microsoft can influence this by focusing on the following 4 pillars:

• Inspire girls with technology; for example, through skill-building workshops including coding, creativity and exposure to cutting edge technology;
• Raising awareness of the existing IT gender gap;
• Breaking stereotypes, specifically targeting influencers such as career counselors, teachers and parents;
• Providing access to female role models within IT, including our female engineers in all activities we partake.

Collaboration with the national coalition and participation in the Women in IT (WIT) - A Network for Gender Diversity in the Danish IT sector- will allow us to reach most ground schools in Denmark .

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People reached through awareness raising activities (events)/Girls and Women Girls aged 13-17 participating in events, such as girls day in Science (high school girls), DTU mentor programme for girls, and Science Festival (ground school boys and girls) 200 Completed
Study Study on the gender gap & on influences for choosing a career in STEM – targeting girls but also parents of girls who influence their choices. 1 In progress
Presentations Presentations at panels focussed on the gender gap 3 In progress
People reached through awareness raising activities (op-eds)/Women 2 op eds on Girls in ICT reaching up to 100.000 readers nationwide - in collaboration with the Danish minster of equality 100,000 Delayed - another format chosen

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

In the period we have organized
6 school events - 3 of which were particularly aimed at Girls. Age from 11-18.
Outreach around 700 people.
1 month long facebook campaign highlighting Girls in STEM (March)
Launch of Girls in STEM study in collaboration with Tænketanken DEA- Results expected in 2018.
2 out of 3 presentations on Girls in STEM held. 3rd one to be in the form of debate at the political meeting "folkemødet" in June.


Milestone name Completion date Status
First op-ed on Girls in ICT published 31/08/2017 Delayed
Second op-ed on Girls in ICT published 22/03/2018 Delayed
Study on the gender gap & influences for choosing a career in STEM released 22/06/2018 On Track
Delivery of two panel speeches on the gender gap 22/06/2018 On Track
Three events for girls organised 30/06/2018 Completed