We commit to provide high quality Digital skills courses to 7,000 SMEs employees and 1,500 ICT professionals in the period 2017-2020 The courses will be organised by LIKTA within 2 projects co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project “SMEs trainings for digital technologies and innovations in Latvia “ will be implemented by LIKTA in cooperation with the Latvian Central Finance and Contracting Agency and the Ministry of Economy. More than 30 different modules will be provided to SMEs in Latvia, divided in 3 thematic blocks: Digital technologies, Digital tools and Digitalisation of business processes.

The project “ICT professional trainings for ICT industry development and innovations“ will be implemented by LIKTA in cooperation with the Latvian Central Finance and Contracting Agency and the Ministry of Economy and will ensure high-level latest-ICT technology training for ICT specialists employed in ICT and non-ICT industry in Latvia. These courses will ensure that the Latvian ICT workforce gets an education that responds to the actual needs of industry, contributing to reducing the ICT specialists gap in Latvia.

Pledge Category

Digital skills for ICT professionals
Digital skills for labour force

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/07/2016
End date: 31/12/2018

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope: National
Public Funding: YES
The projects will be supported (co- financed) by the European Regional Development Fund and are approved by the Latvian Government. Total amounts of support: EUR 2 001 937,00 for SMEs digital skills development (70 % intensity of co-financing by ERDF) and EUR 899 585,00 for ICT skills trainings for ICT professionals (30-70 % intensity of co-financing depending on organization type).


The Latvian Information and communications technology association (LIKTA) was founded in 1998 and it unites leading industry companies and organizations, as well as ICT professionals – more than 160 members in total. The goal of LIKTA is to foster growth of ICT sector in Latvia by promoting the development of information society and ICT education thus increasing the competitiveness of Latvia on a global scale.

Qualitative Impact

Equipping SMEs with digital skills will encourage them to invest in digital innovation. The training modules developed within the project are all based on a market needs assessment by LIKTA and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All the training modules will be mapped to the EU Digital Competence Framework 2.0 . It is expected that each SME participating in the trainings will implement at least one of the 5 innovation directions defined by OECD. This will lead to higher productivity and competitiveness in the SME sector and contribute to the goals of the Digital Single Market.
ICT skills trainings for ICT professionals will provide high-level industry-based education and contribute to the ICT specialists’ qualification in Latvia. The training modules for ICT professionals will follow the European e- Competence framework guidelines. This will ensure that the education received by the specialist answers the demands of the market in terms of skills and profiles. This will help Latvian technology companies develop new innovative services and products.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained face to face/SMEs NA 7,000 1130
People trained face to face/expert ICT professionals NA 1,500 1020

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

“SMEs trainings for digital technologies and innovation development in Latvia” project has started in December 2016 and is implemented by LIKTA ( Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association) in cooperation with the Latvian Central Finance and Contracting Agency and the Ministry of Economy of Latvia
The project has started awareness raising activities and first trainings in end of February 2017. 30 business process related digital skills training modules have been developed for the training, all mapped to EU to Digital Competence framework and Entrepreneurship competence framework.. By awareness raising activities with different channels (Website , FB and PR) over 65 000 thousand of target beneficiaries have been reached.
By end of October 2017 already over 400 companies have been involved in the project and more than 900 trainings provided.
The project have been nominated as one of the finalists for the DSJC "Digital skills for Workforce "Awards and presented at DSJC Conference in Brussels, December 2017.
By May 2018 over 650 companies have joined the SME digital skills development project.

The project “ICT professional trainings for ICT industry development and innovations “ has started in autumn 2016. 55 ICT companies have joined the project, by October 2017 , 780 ICT professionals have updated their skills and qualifications in 196 high level specialized ICT training courses.
By May 2018 over 100- trainings have been delivered for ICT professionals and 72 companies have joined the project.


Milestone name Completion date Status
Projects and awareness campaign start 30/11/2016 Completed
Open calls for ICT specialists and SMEs to participate in the trainings 30/11/2016 Completed
More than 1,500 trainings delivered 31/12/2017 Completed
More than 3,000 trainings delivered 31/12/2017 On Track
More than 6,500 training delivered 31/12/2018 On Track
8,500 trainings completed 31/12/2019 N/A
First impact evaluation 31/10/2020 N/A
Final impact evaluation 31/12/2020 N/A