Over the past two years, Google has trained 2 million Europeans in digital skills through a range of country-specific in person and online training programs. This fulfilled our 1 million pledge from 2015 and doubled our overall target of trained Europeans by the end of 2016. This was achieved through Google’s landmark initiative, Growth Engine for Europe and an ongoing commitment to the EU Grand Coalition for Digital Skills from 2013 onwards.Over the coming year, we pledge to continue to support Europeans to gain essential digital skills through the following initiatives:

  • Digital Workshop – our online training hub that provides free training for anyone looking to gain essential digital marketing skills.
  • Engaging young job seekers – we will continue our efforts to help young people from across Europe to gain essential digital skills to improve their own job prospects and support entrepreneurship  
  • Helping small businesses to grow – we will continue our efforts to empower SMEs from across Europe to use digital skills to grow their businesses and hire more workers
  • Funding 10,000 Android scholarships via Udacity and in partnership with Bertelsmann for EU mobile developers. Our national programs, active in 34 EMEA countries (full list is here ), expanding beyond the EU, are delivered in partnership with national, regional and local government as well as private sector businesses. The programs are certified by IAB Europe. We will deepen those partnerships in order to assist more Europeans to take advantage of digital tools.

Pledge Category

Digital skills for labour force
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/01/2014
End date: 31/12/2017

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: NO
The initiative is funded by Google. In some countries, depending on the partners involved, there is public funding involved. For instance, in the Italian Crescere in Digitale Program has received the support from the EU’s Youth Guarantee via the involvement of the Ministry of Labour.


Google's mission is to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Qualitative Impact

Google conducts research with third party independent providers (UK example here , ES example here ) to
assess the impact of our training. These assessments track the satisfaction of those who have gone through the
training as well as how they have used the training to improve their businesses or employability. We have
separately reported on some of those initial metrics and will continue to assess our programs going forward. For
● Our Spanish program, Actívate has helped 4 out of every 10 trained students to start or develop their
own project
● 88% of UK businesses who attended the Digital Garage have have made changes to the way they run
their businesses online.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained Europeans trained through Google's inititives 2,000,000 2955239

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

Update as of 1 November 2017:
--Since 2014, we’ve trained over 3 million people in Europe and more than 2 million in Africa on digital skills, developer skills and Computer Science education for teachers and kids. This year alone, we have trained over 850,000 people in the EU on digital skills and 1.2 million in Africa.
--The Digital Workshop ( online platform has continued to scale, now in 59 countries and 30 languages globally, 27 EU countries with dedicated platforms in country. In Europe in 2017 so far, 1,106,838 individuals registered for the online training, completing 9,563,733 lessons online.
--Most recent results from our impact study with partner Ipsos, to demonstrate the real impact digital skills training has had on our graduates lives and businesses, show that in Europe, 15% of students/job seekers reported finding a job or setting up their own business thanks to our training. And 4% of trained SMBs have hired someone to work on digital and attribute this to the training they attended. In 2017 in Europe, this resulted in 64,964 jobs impacted and over 110,000 SMBs attributing real impact on their business results, strongly attributed to our training.
--After the successful completion of 13,500 Android developer Scholarships awarded in January, with over 70,000 applicants across the EU, and a graduation rate of 57% for the beginner course, and 32% for the advanced fast track course, we decided to scale the program 6x and announced 75,000 scholarships for developer and data science courses on Udacity on September 5, 2017, again in partnership with Bertelsmann. The program offers 60,000 Android and web developer challenge scholarships funded by Google, with an additional 15,000 data science challenge scholarships by Bertelsmann. With 132,000 applications received for the 60,000 places to be awarded in the coming months.
--In terms of public-private partnerships, at the EU level we are working with three governments (Italy, Greece and Spain) on the Growth Engine programs supported by the Youth Guarantee funds. Crescere in Digitale in Italy has continued to place internships in jobs with SMBs, with 2165 paid six month internships already assigned, with one third of interns finding full time employment after the internship ends.


Milestone name Completion date Status
Working with our partners to expand and deepen our training across Europe 31/12/2017 On Track
Continue our training programs in each market 31/12/2017 On Track
Review all training curricula and make revisions based on feedback 31/12/2017 On Track