Gezinsbond - Flemish League of Families

Gezinsbond - Flemish League of Families

The Gezinsbond has set up a programme consisting of tools and trainings directed at parents aimed to develop their skills in understanding and responding to the risks of online activities their children get involved in:

  • Website (safety online) with accessible information on the topic; 
  • Training on 'safety online';
  • Specific training 'Safety Online' dedicated to disadvantaged families;
  • Training on Cyberbullying;
  • Workshop on Gaming;
  • Advertising literacy.

These trainings are developed by the Gezinsbond in collaboration with partners (such as Child Focus and Belgian universities), schools and local organizations to reach a broad public. These trainings, available since 2008, are now being updated to include more flexible and interactive modules. We pledge to undertake 120 training sessions by the end of 2017 for at least 3,000 people. By doing do, we will provide parents with the right knowledge and skills to assist and advise their children in their online activities.

Pledge Category

Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/01/2017
End date: 31/12/2017

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope: National
Public Funding: YES
From the Flemish Ministry of Education and from the National Lottery (to reach the disadvantaged families).

Gezinsbond - Flemish League of Families

The Flemish Family Association, or Gezinsbond, strives to make our society a family- and child-friendly place. As parents, we do everything to make sure our children can grow up in a warm and caring environment. So we think our society as a whole should do this too. That’s why we defend the interests of all families with politicians and policy makers.

Qualitative Impact

These trainings and tools will result in:
• Parents are more aware of the risks of online activities and are able to better detect and avoid these risks;
• Parents are capable to understand the digital world their children are involved in and get tips & tricks how to deal with it, to stay involved (open dialogue) without over-controlling;
• Parents are better skilled in teaching their children how to be safe online and be aware of the risks of fraud, cyberbullying or advertising;
• Parents know how to have a constructive dialogue with their kids on these items. The trainings approach the topics in a balanced way, looking at the risks as well as at the opportunities these online activities can bring (develop their digital skills, social contact, entertainment, learning etc.);
• Disadvantaged families are reached by working with local organizations and schools and by making the sessions affordable/accessible.

The qualitative impact will be measured by researchers from cooperating universities by conducting interviews with participants before and two weeks after the training (in June 2017).

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained face to face/parents 120 trainings per year reaching on average 25 parents per training 3,000 3.675
Other (website visits) Unique visitors to the website 'veilig online' 50,000 31.400

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

update on 1/11/2017

- since 1/9/2017 we went from 3 modules (safe online, cyberbullying and games) to 5 new and interactive modules : internet & privacy, gaming, social media, cyberbullying, online relations&sexuality.
- these new modules were developed with feedback from focusgroups of parents and professionals, with also a focusgroup of 'disadvantaged' parents (poverty).
- the new modules are more interactive (quizz, simulations, interactive game, testimonials, video's, ...)
- Content developed in close collaboration with partners such as Childfocus and in close collaboration with the Universities of Antwerp, Gent and Leuven.
- 147 trainings already given since 1/1/2017 (until 1/11/17)
- 3.675 people participated to these trainings since 1/1/2017 (until 1/11/2017)
- 28 more trainings planned in the year 2017 (between 1/11/17 and 31/12/2017)
- already 28 trainings planned in the year 2018 (and new registrations on a daimy basis)
- 20 trainers in total were trained in train-the-trainer-sessions
- number of website visitors since 1/1/2017 (until 1/11/2017): 31.400 visitors
- 1/6/2017: large conference on safe online, with presentations of our new modules and trainings and interactive workshops. With interventions from a.o. the Flemish Vice President and Minister of Education. 130 people participated.
- New modules are being developed and will be launched in 2018: directed at grandparents 'online with my grandchildren'. The train the trainer will take place in january 2018.
- Impact measurement planned in 2018
- the trainings are given at very democratic prices (for exemple 3€)
- For organisations working with disadvantaged people and for schools for children with disabilities there is a free of charge policy, they can book these trainings free of charge for their members/parents. This policy is only recently set (oktober 2017) and was promoted via a digital newsletter to all organisations working with disadvantaged groups and to all special schools (for children with disability) in Flanders. This policy led very quickly to new demands for trainings (already 7 demands for trainings in 2017 by these type of organisations and schools. in 2018 we can say that 1 out of 5 of the trainings planned were ordered by organisations representing disadvantaged parents and/or by special schools (children with disabilities).


Milestone name Completion date Status
new modules and updated website created and piloted with the focus groups 31/05/2017 Completed
Launch of new modules and website 01/06/2017 Completed
Update of additional trainings (cyberbullying, gaming and advertising) 31/12/2017 Completed
Organisation of a seminar to present the project and the new training modules to professionals (from education, social organizations, research institutes, …) 31/12/2017 Completed