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European Schoolnet

The European Schoolnet Academy offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for educators and other educational stakeholders in schools across Europe. Courses on the Academy focus on the expertise of European Schoolnet and its associated Ministries of Education in bringing innovation through the use of technology into the classrooms. The courses address the proven need of teachers to receive training in how to effectively use technology in the classroom and how such use can benefit both learners and teachers. Topics covered by Academy courses are highly varied and include areas such as computer games in schools, processes of classroom innovation and innovative pedagogies for STEM teaching. All courses have been very positively received and evaluation results indicate a clear impact on teaching and learning in participant’s classrooms. In order to reach out to a greater number of educators across Europe, European Schoolnet is looking at ways to localise and translate the online courses into European languages other than English (the current working language). This effort, together with the commitment to secure funding and resources to keep running free training opportunities for teachers, are at the core of European Schoolnet’s renewed pledge.

Pledge Category

Digital skills in education

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/11/2016
End date: 31/12/2020

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: YES
European Schoolnet regularly apply to Erasmus + and H2020 funding opportunities to finance and sustain teacher training opportunities and deliver them to educators at no cost.

European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet is a network of 31 Ministries of Education in Europe, based in Brussels, Belgium. Working on innovation in education, based on ICT.

Qualitative Impact

European Schoolnet Academy courses target teachers and other education professionals such as headteachers, ICT coordinators or school counsellors. The courses impact the teaching and learning strategies applied by these education professionals through the use of new pedagogies, tools, professional collaborations, or use of learning spaces.

Participant engagement on European Schoolnet Academy courses reaches far beyond the participants of the courses as a significant degree of activity generated on the courses happens via a range of social media channels. A typical course tweet profile reaches close to 100.000 twitter profiles. In particular dissemination of course activity by European Schoolnet’s Ministries of Education has a significant reach into the national education communities.

Furthermore, by translating key teacher training materials in other languages, we aim at increasing the accessibility to high quality resources. Each course features high quality content in the form of videos, animations, lesson plans, learning diaries, assessment rubrics. Video content includes classroom observation videos, interviews with teachers, students, experts as well as teacher and expert presentations. Currently this content exists only in English language limiting the accessibility and use for most teachers across Europe. Translating these materials would not only increase the reach of the courses but the materials could also be freely used for other teacher training contexts by teacher training organisations or schools directly across Europe.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained online / teachers Teachers trained in innovative ways of teaching and pedagogical use of technology between 2016 and 2020 15,000 4845

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress


Milestone name Completion date Status
Translation of key MOOC content in two national languages 30/09/2017 N/A
Production of a promotion pack for organisations and schools to use the MOOC or only selections of its content for local teacher training 31/10/2017 N/A
Evaluation of MOOC use by organisations at national level 30/04/2018 N/A
Exploitation and follow up plan 31/05/2018 N/A
Launch event: EUROGEO 2017 Conference in Amsterdam 03/03/2017 N/A
Scheme established and operating in 10 leading countries 30/06/2017 N/A
End of the first pledge and renewal for the next two years 31/12/2017 N/A
Review of the progress 31/01/2018 N/A
5 additional countries become involved 31/12/2018 N/A
5 additional countries become involved 31/12/2019 N/A
Review progress, assess sustainability and decide on further development of the programme 31/12/2019 N/A