European Digital Learning Network - Survey second edition

European Digital Learning Network - Survey second edition

European Digital Learning Network pledges to carry out the second edition of a pan-European survey to gather qualitative data about current trends and future developments in education related to digital skills. After the success of the first edition run between May and October 2016, we decided to carry out a second edition and make our survey become a kind of “barometer” of future trends of digital skills in education. We aim at running the survey  on a 2-year basis so to monitor the trends and provide valuable input to all the parties interested: EU Institutions, EU stakeholders, citizens, professional and to anyone working or dealing with digital education. The pledge will take place between April 2019 until November 2019, when results will be collected, analyzed and published in a final report, after having discussed the results in a conference gathering EU Institutions and Stakeholders.

The survey will tackle all educational sectors: School education, Vocational Education, Higher Education and Adult education with a lifelong learning approach. The target audience of the survey and the related awareness communication campaign will be all those organisations established in EU and EFTA countries -represented by their teachers, educators, education managers and staff in general- which would like to contribute with their opinion, expertise and knowledge. It is expected that at least 500 organisations will answer the survey.

Last update: 12/04/2018
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Digital skills in education

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Time period

Start date: 30/04/2019
End date: 30/11/2019

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Public Funding: NO

European Digital Learning Network

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – aims to foster and contribute to the debate on the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities. DLEARN also wants to bring closer the experiences and the voices of local territories and people to EU polices.

Qualitative Impact

• The survey will gather, with a bottom up approach, information regarding tools, pedagogical approaches, didactical arrangements, educational approaches, methodologies, future developments, managerial arrangements, skills shortages and possible progressions in the sector, at all education level.
• The survey will gather information locally and bring them to the attention of the European institutions and related organisations, thus to match them with policy target and expectations.
• Through this survey we aim to make local needs and perceptions of the educational sector a voice heard at EU level and showcase local practices.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
Other / Answers to survey The survey has a pan-European scope, gathering information from the 28 EU MSs and the four countries within the EFTA area. Our target is to gather answers from at least 500 organisations. This, due to the fact that we will carry out this activity with our own funding and the help of DLearn members and affiliated entities. However we aim to even go beyond the number of the 1st edition which was of 1,058 answers. 500 N/A

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

No evidence available about the progress.


Milestone name Completion date Status
The survey is conducted online and is accompanied by a communication campaign made of related articles, blog post, social media feeds, info sheets, infographic and best practice sharing 31/08/2019
Collection and analysis of survey results, shared among all Dlearn members 30/09/2019
Publication of a report to be presented during the Dlearn Annual Conference to be held in Brussels, in which different stakeholders, DGs officers and other organisations will be invited also to discuss the results of the survey. 30/11/2019