E-Civis - Girls Champions in 3D

E-Civis - Girls Champions in 3D

E-Civis pledges to train at least 100 girls in 3D design and printing in Romania by 2020 through "Girls Champions in 3D". "Girls Champions in 3D" is a social innovation project in the field of new technologies. The goal of the initiative is to create a more inclusive labor market, especially in the field of technology for girls around the world. 3D modeling and printing as a “girls’” IT field. Through these activities E-Civis aims to empower girls to study technology and obtain employment in the field.

E-Civis aims to promote the model to at least two other countries in Europe and start a worldwide movement on the topic. 

Last update: 30/04/2018
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Pledge Category

Digital skills in education
Digital skills for labour force

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/10/2017
End date: 31/12/2018

Other Pledge details

Public Funding: NO


E-Civis is a non-profit organisation, which aims to inform citizens about democratic values and to encourage social actors to promote and implement them at national and international level.

Qualitative Impact

The qualitative impact consists of several aspects:
- offering girls students entrepreneurial skills that would allow them to start a career or even start a
company in this field
- empowering women by showing them they can be successful in a ITC field that is both creative and
flexible, so, for example, if they are work at home mothers in the future - they can still pursue their
careers from home. The modelling can be a remote activity that would allow them to also focus on
family and not have to chose between the two
- prepare them for labour market by offering them specific skills that will be needed in the near
future, when the market will mature
- decrease the gender gap not only by training and supporting the participants in the training, but also
inspiring and empowering other girls that will consider careers in ICT

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained face to face/girls E-Civis intends to train at least 100 girls students in Romania in 3D modeling and printing by the end of 2018. 100 24

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

By the end of 2017, a number of 24 girls were trained by ECDL Romania in 3D printing.


Milestone name Completion date Status
20 Romanian girls students trained by 30 December 2017 31/12/2017 Completed
80 girls students trained by the end of 2018 31/12/2018 N/A
At least 2 European countries that would adopt and implement this model 31/12/2018 N/A