CoderDojo Nederland

CoderDojo Nederland

CoderDojo will hold free coding workshops for kids in 70 locations in The Netherlands. Each location will average a size of 30 kids and run on a monthly basis. Children will be shown the basics of technology and taught the necessary skill to be able to move around safely in a digital world. They will be challenged to overcome boundaries and let their creativity flow. Within de next two years we will grow to at least 140 locations with a minimum of 2 locations in every province. Finally CoderDojo Nederland commits to organising 2 meetups per year for volunteers to share knowledge and experience.

Last update: 11/09/2017
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Pledge Category

Digital skills in education
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/09/2017
End date: 31/12/2019

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope: National
Public Funding: NO

CoderDojo Nederland

CoderDojo commits to teaching children the basics of digital literacy through programming on in a volunteer led club. At CoderDojo all children ages 7 to 17 are welcome to free coding sessions in different locations around the country. We try to reach as many children as possible and want to teach them about programming and the technology behind every day devices. Currently within The Netherlands we average 2,100 children every month in almost 70 locations.

Qualitative Impact

We work in a non-curriculum based environment in which children get to explore technology through their own interests and passions. This way we can show them how technology works, what the risks are and most importantly give them a way to express themselves creatively in a digital world.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
Locations Locations where coding workshops for kids are held 140 80
People trained face2face / Young people Number of kids participating in free coding workshops. 50,000 25000
Meetups Meetups per year for volunteers 4 N/A

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

We currently have 80 dojos (see which have an average of 25 children every month. That breaks down to 24.000 children in a year!


Milestone name Completion date Status
140 Dojo's (locations) 31/12/2019 On Track
Reach 50.000 kids yearly 31/12/2019 On Track
Organised 4 Mentor Meetups 31/12/2019 Delayed