ASTI Challenge

ASTI Challenge

ASTI Technologies Group pledges to train 1000 students in collaborative mobile robotics by 2020 through the ASTI Challenge. The ASTI Robotics Challenge is a free competition to develop STEM talent and empower the next generation of leaders in the field of collaborative mobile robotics. The ASTI Challenge has adopted Project- Based Learning as a methodological approach, while also fostering a maker culture (Do It Yourself). Participants build a mobile robot, communicate their projects and compete in a final tournament in which they have to overcome different challenges. 

Last update: 13/10/2017
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Pledge Category

Digital skills in education

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/09/2017
End date: 31/12/2020

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope: National
Public Funding: NO

ASTI Technologies Group

ASTI (Automatismos y Sistemas de Transporte Interno) is an international engineering firm that builds made-to-measure automated intralogistics optimisation solutions.

Qualitative Impact

The ASTI Robotics challenge enables students to work in the areas of technology, programming and robotics as well as develop skills such as project management, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
People trained face to face/ students The challenge is open to students enrolled in secondary school, vocational training, university students and makers. 1,000 N/A

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

No evidence available about the progress.


Milestone name Completion date Status
ASTI Robotics Challenge 2017 31/12/2017 N/A
ASTI Robotics Challenge 2018 31/12/2018 N/A
ASTI Robotics Challenge 2019 31/12/2019 N/A
ASTI Robotics Challenge 2020 31/12/2020 N/A