Association “Community of Telecentres Networks”

Association “Community of Telecentres Networks”

The Association commits to be involved in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC), by offering its expertise and capillarity all over Spain through its more than 4,000 centers promoting the Information Society. Although it is already working in the promotion of the use of Technologies, it also wants to be more aligned with the DSJC initiatives in order to reach the following objectives in the next 2 years:

  • Trainings in e-skills: 18.000 people trained. March 2017 - November 2018.
  • Certification of digital competences: 3.000 certified people. March 2017 - November 2018.
  • Training for ICT dynamizers: 2.000 people trained. March 2017 - November 2018.
  • Training for self-employed and SMEs: 300 companies involved. March 2017 - November 2018.
  • Awareness raising campaign targeting job seekers and the improvement of curricula for unemployed people: 18.000 participants. March 2017 - November 2018.
  • Improvement of digital skills for teachers and educators: 2.000 professionals. March 2017 - November 2018.

Pledge Category

Digital skills for ICT professionals
Digital skills in education
Digital skills for labour force
Digital skills for all citizens

Pledge's geographical scope

Time period

Start date: 01/03/2017
End date: 31/12/2018

Other Pledge details

Local/National scope: National
Public Funding: NO

Association “Community of Telecentres Networks”

The Association "Community of Telecentres Networks” is a group of entities working in the creation and dynamization of public spaces for the promotion of the Information Society in Spain. In order to reach this objective, the Association is fostering the use of technologies by citizens and companies all over the country, performing this activity not for profit but as a service to the community.

Qualitative Impact

Over two years we will improve the digital competences of 40,000 people in total and provide 4,800 certifications thanks to the initiatives carried out by the 10 Networks involved in the Association. Our activities are aimed to increase people’s employability; increase the productivity and competitiveness of local companies; and promote digital literacy among citizens leading to development, wealth creation and employment.

Quantitative Impact

Indicator Description Target Status
Citizens trained Developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society. 18,000 N/A
Certifications provided 3,000 N/A
Unemployed people trained Developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. up-skilling and re-skilling workers, jobseekers; actions on career advice and guidance. 18,000 N/A
SMEs and self-employed involved 300 N/A
Professionals trained Developing high level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors. 2,000 N/A
Certifications provided 1,800 N/A
Teachers and educators trained Transforming teaching and learning of digital skills in a lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers. 2,000 N/A

Pledge progress

Evidence about progress

No evidence available about the progress.


Milestone name Completion date Status
XVI Conference Telecentres Networks 31/03/2017
XVII Conference Telecentres Networks 31/03/2018
Training workshops and Webinars: Some face-to-face and online training workshops will be organised to improve the employability of young people 31/03/2018
Training activities for ICT dynamizers (via the training platform Form@carm) 30/06/2017
CYL Digital Programme Classroom based: training in the use of Technologies and the Internet for citizens, especially those who are in risk of digital exclusion 31/12/2017
CYL Digital Programme Online Training: training activities for promoting the technological competences in the use of ICTs and the Internet 31/12/2018
Training for employment: ICT trainings to improve digital skills for the use of ICTs and the Internet for unemployed people 31/12/2018
CeMIT Innova: collaborative project for the promotion of the Digital Social Innovation in the region of Galicia 31/12/2018
Galician certification of digital skills (CODIX certification): through this certification, the attendant can demonstrate its Technological skills related to the work in an office environment 31/12/2018
Cisco Networking Academy: IT skills development and professional training programme for educational institutions and individuals 31/12/2018