Here you can check the progress of the pledges in the context of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as reported by the pledges themselves. For more information, see the about page. For additional information, please use the contact page.


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K2 Partnering Solutions

K2 Partnering Solutions, through K2 University, is pledging to help close the digital skills gap in Europe by training 800 IT professionals, 1,000 students and 400 Workforce Professionals in the key technology growth areas of SAP and Salesforce, to become SAP consultants and Salesforce professionals.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab pledges to scale up cooperation with universities and reach more students with Futureproofing Cybersecurity campaign.


Likta commits to provide high quality digital skills courses to 7,000 SMEs employees and 1,500 ICT professionals in Latvia in the period 2017-2020. The courses will be organised by LIKTA within 2 projects co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Lithuania National Coalition

The National Digital Coalition of Lithuania is pledging to establish in the period 2017-2020 a comprehensive strategy to raise public awareness of the importance of digital skills and competences; attract more young people to ICT and other sciences studies and professions; ensure the acquisition of digital skills also when learning other professions and for citizens; support the establishment of IT business and development of the digital market.


Microsoft will increase access to computer science education and digital skills training for 5 million youth across 2 years in all 28 EU member states. This will be accomplished through a holistic approach that directly empowers both educators and youth. Furthermore, we are refocusing our non-profit-led training efforts in 21 EU member states by aiming to reach at least 50% girls.

Microsoft Italia & Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Microsoft is pledging to train in-person 2,500 girls in 2018 and will double this result thanks to peer-to-peer activities made in schools and sustained in partnership with Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

Observatorio del Trabajo Sénior 45+

Observatorio del Trabajo Sénior 45+ will undertake targeted actions for Spanish 45+ unemployed people, including an awareness raising and dialogue with the Spanish government.

ORT France

During 2017-2018 ORT France will train and guide up to 1,200 unemployed people towards an ICT career path with a blended methodology of in person and online learning through an online social platform integrating the principles of Gamification to create, identify, engage and create collaboration among a job seekers, job centres and employers.

Palo Alto Networks - Navigating the Digital Age books

Palo Alto Networks pledges to bring cybersecurity awareness to the European c-suite, in government agencies and in the private sector, by leveraging the (free) European versions of our book series, “Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers.”

Startup Super School

Startup Super School pledges to offer its 2-day program for free to schools in Italy and Croatia, engaging 300 students (16 ) by July 2018.