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This website collects information about the progress of the pledges in the context of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers who take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.

Member States can support cooperation among different actors in their country by bringing them together in national Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions. Find the list of active national coalitions with correspondent contact details here.

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Digital skills for ICT professionals

Developing high level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors.

Digital skills in education

Transforming teaching and learning of digital skills in a lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers

Digital skills for labour force

Developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. upskilling and reskilling workers, jobseekers; actions on career advice and guidance.

Digital skills for all citizens

Developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society.

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Transformify is among the Top 50 companies worldwide taking part in KGC ( http://k-startupgc.org/) subsidized by the government of South Korea, NIPA, and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Transformify expands across Asia and data about the digital ...

University of Urbino

CodeMOOC has been delivered as a self paced MOOC since the beginning of the pedge. ...


Update as of 1 November 2017: ...

Palo Alto Networks - Navigating the Digital Age books

We have printed and distributed 2,000 copies of each of our books (UK, France, Benelux) (in addition, we also have distributed copies by download). We have created opportunities around the books to introduce them to c-suites, boards, and government ...

Basque Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs 4.0

1.Reinforce the perspective of digital competences among the agents of the Basque ecosystem 4.0 ...

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